MF Replica Deck/Profile
MF Replica Deck/Profile

Replica: Midget Farelly, 1966


Distinguished by its long, continous curve in the rocker; narrow, round nose and round nose concave; slightly pulled in tail, with a hip one third of the way up; rolled bottom.


12" Flexi-fin and 50/50 rails... this is a truly phenomenal nose-rider and a genuinely traditional beauty.


Probably the best longboard design of the late 60s – an absolute must-have for any serious longboard quiver!

The Astro Noserider
The Astro Noserider


The Astro Noserider


The Noserider model is designed with the North Coast point breaks in mind. It's got a wider tail and more parallel rails in

the plan shape – plus a flatter rocker, with slight tail kick and 50/50 rails, pulled up to an edge at deck, the last 8" from the tail.


These features, combined with the long deep concave

in the nose - all make for some serious tip time!


Great in smaller waves.


Available Dimensions:

Length 9´2" to 10´2"

Width   22 1/2" to 23 1/2"

Nose   18" +

Tail      15 1/2" +


Fin Set-up:

Finbox with 10" or 11" hand-made fibreglass Astro fin.

Also available: 12" 1966 M.F. Flex-fin



The Astro Trimmer

What's OLD is NEW: what's NEW is OLD! 

Draw smooth, classic lines - with pivot and trim - mixed with a modern responsiveness. Medium to deep 'V' in front of fin, with generous nose concave and tucked edge in tail.


If you like a loose traditional feel, this is the board for you.  

Good for all levels of surfers.

Best in medium to small waves; all conditions


Available Dimensions:

Length 9´2" to 9´8"

Width   22 3/4" to 24"

Nose   17 7/8" +

Tail      14 1/2" +


Fin Set-up:

Finbox with 9 1/2" or 10" hand-made fibreglass Astro fin.