The Astro 69 Egg



The 69 Egg is a favourite of Gary's - a classic shape that he first resurrected from surfing's colourful past back in 1995.


With its plan shape originating from a 1969 Bennett ‘Gem’, it has a flatter rocker, low entry in nose, flat to subtle roll, or 'dome', in tail.


Since it also possesses good nose-riding ability - this board is the perfect all-rounder.


Fast & snappy - for those who like that retro feel...


Great in small to medium waves; all conditions.

Available Dimensions:

Length: 6’6” to 7’3”

Width: 20” to 21

Nose: 151/4” +

Tail: 143/4 +


Fin set-up:

9" hand-made fibreglass 'Greenough-style' fin.

Available in volan, tints, pigments etc.  


The Modern Astro Egg


Based on the 69 Egg plan shape - but pulled in a little in the

nose & tail, this board is for those who like smooth, fast, drawn-out turns.  


An absolute must-have for your quiver!


Low rocker, with a slight mid-concave going into slight "V" tail,

with slight double concave through fins.


Suits: round, area pin or swallow tail.  


Will surf in everything from 2-10 feet!


If you surf a short board this is your longboard -

and if you surf a longboard this is your short board!



Available Dimensions:

Length: 6'6" to 7'4"

Width: 193/4” to 21

Nose: 14” +

Tail: 143/8 +


Fin Set-up:

10” Finbox with 6” hand-made fibreglass Astro ‘Dolphin’ fin plus;

G-1000 sides (or a variety of F.C.S. thruster fin set-ups).


The Retro Twin


Great for small waves, with plenty of width & volume under your chest.


Easy to paddle, fast & responsive, low rocker, ‘V’ bottom.


This board will put you in places you thought weren’t possible!  


Available Dimensions:

Length: 5’5” to 6’5”

Width: 203/4” to 213/4”

Nose: 14” +

Tail: 15” +


Fin set-up:

MR Twin set-up + optional rear stabiliser-fin.


The Astro ´Super-Fish`


This ‘Super Fish’ - with its low rocker; subtle, single concave into ‘V’ and; slight double concave through the fins - makes for a fast, loose ride!


With a plan shape that's slightly more pulled-in from the Retro version, this board goes great in bigger surf - as well as on smaller days.


If you feel the need for speed...  hurry up and get one of these!


Available Dimensions:

Length: 5’5” to 6’10”

Width: 191/4” to 211/2”

Nose: 13” +

Tail: 141/2” +


Fin set-up:

Available in thruster, quad or M.R. twin fin + stabiliser!