Age  59 years old

Nationality  Australian

Current place of residence  Moved to Freshwater Beach (Harbord) in 1961 

Surfing Stance  Natural

Home breaks  Freshwater Beach, Harbord

Occupation  Builder and Cabinet maker


Years surfing - where/ how/ why...

Been surfing for 48 years and still addicted. I started surfing with my older brother (2 years older) at Freshwater on a borrowed board until I could convince Dad to buy one for me... an 8ft Loumaro.  We joined the Freshwater Boardriders club, when it first started in 1964. 

Years surfing Astro boards - and what it means to you to ride ’em...

I can't remember how long I have been surfing Astro's, but it must be about 15 years I think. I have always loved the looseness and responsiveness of the boards that Gary makes for me.


Fave surf spot

I love surfing by myself at Long Reef after work. 


Most Memorable Surfing Experience

My most memorable surfing trip was to the Maldives (Paster Point) with 8 other mates from Manly club.  We had fantastic surf for 10 days, surfing 3 to 4 times a day and crashing at night.


Surfing style, board Preferences etc...

I love surfing all types of boards - whether it be a short board, traditional long board, performance board or Old Mal.  They’re all fun !!


Significant contest wins

1991  2nd in 8ft Aust Titles

1992  2nd in Open Aust Title

1993  4th in 8ft State Titles

1995  1st  O/45 State Titles

1996  2nd O/45 State Titles

1997  3rd  O/45 State Titles


2001  1st  O/50 State Title

2002  1st  O/50 State Titles

2003  1st  O/50 State Titles

2005  2nd O/50 State Titles

2005  2nd O/50 Aust Titles

2007  3rd O/55 State Titles

2007  3rd O/55 Aust Titles


Future plans

Keep surfing, maybe move up the coast and retire somewhere !!!!


Other interests 

I can't tell you what I do when there is no surf... but it keeps you fit !!!!! (Yes Lynden - and they can both leave you’re back worse for wear...)